Star Knight Expeditionary Force

An elite branch of the Star Knight Empire’s military arm, the SKEF are tasked with exploring the universe and troubleshooting out-of-control situations.

The SKEF are loosely organized, compared to the rest of the Empire, with a very flat hierarchy. Each group is led by a captain in command of a ship and its crew. The type of ship and its crew varies depending on the type of missions the captain is assigned. Generally SKEF groups sent on exploration missions use smaller vessels crewed by a squad of elite first contact personnel trained in communications, negotiations, personal and vehicle combat. SKEF groups sent to patrol problem areas use larger vessels with large crews, heavy weapons and a complement of shock troops ready to handle protracted engagements.

SKEF are trained exhaustively for years to be the best of the best, but they only rarely receive direct, specific mission orders. More often, they are sent on patrol or to explore a particular region of space, and they are left to the captain’s discretion on how to address any issues that arise.

While combat-ready, SKEF always attempt peaceful solutions first, and they are always on the lookout for information, trade or technology which may be of advantage to the Empire. This often results in a collection of non-uniform equipment and supplies for each SKEF, as they will “test” acquired technologies in the field before the mission ends (which can be months or even years before a given group is summoned to return to base).

Star Knight Expeditionary Force

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